Health Tech Communication

Technology disrupts every aspect of our world. But nowhere has this impact been more apparent, or more beneficial than in healthcare. It’s not a new phenomenon either. The history of modern science and technology is intimately linked, but it’s a story that has faded over the last 10 years as the world’s eyes turn to new frontiers.

We believe Health Tech is that next frontier – and it’s one we’re passionate about.

Its rapid growth and evolutionary potential will impact and improve lives across the globe, and the growing number of verticals within digital health is already attracting the brightest of entrepreneurs and the most connected investors. Amazing technologies can’t evolve without a reliable market to sustain their growth. Communications has a vital role to play – first through education and then by creating desire.
The ability to tell a global story on a local level, coupled with an innate understanding of whose opinion matters, means communication is a vital partner for emerging or high growth sectors like Health Tech.

Communicate your tech advantage

When it comes to health care tech in 2021, there has never been more opportunity, more space for innovation, more consumer and business needs to fill, or more media appetite. Yet, to capitalize on this and capture the public’s attention, you need to be agile and put a deliberate effort into your company’s communications.

How are you using it to stand out? The moment to make an impact is now.

Prove your value

Your industry probably appears to be unique today than it did a year prior, which creates a decent open door to additionally refine your message, both inside and remotely.
As you make updates, ensure consistency in your communication approach with your stakeholders.

Consider all your touchpoints — website, social media, press materials, newsletter, executive messaging, intranet and more.

Showcase your brand with insightful data

An incredible method to carry worth to your industry and clients is through exploration and information. A few organizations have inside research abilities, while others collaborate with associations, colleges, research offices and different organizations to direct significant exploration. Regardless of the means, there might be a chance to fabricate brand believability and mindfulness with convincing information. The significant piece here is to, obviously, make it applicable.

You can share experiences through plenty of channels and strategies — from white papers and online journals to public statements, web-based media, occasions and then some.


It is a distinct pleasure for me to recommend BURGUNDY CONSULTANTS to any and all interested parties. They have been professional, creative, comprehensive and competent throughout the process of our working together for Endometriosis Society, Sri Lanka and other projects as well. We believe not everyone can do health communication if the person does not have a good subject knowledge. We appreciate their research capacity and the effort put on to bring creativity for the medical information. We feel that we have established a relationship with them for years to come. The reaction to our new website has been overwhelmingly positive. The same can be said for our view of Burgundy’s work.

Dr Thilina S. Palihawadana
Clinical Embryologist and Fertility Consultant

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