Brand Communication for EdTech Companies

Edtech companies that provide technology-based education services, or which develop solutions for the education sector is increasing. Whether it is platforms that can help students with their studies, technology aimed at allowing adults to learn new skills, information such as foreign languages, mindfulness, business etc. education is being constantly changed by the new possibilities that edtech opens up, and this benefits everybody.

It may seem that educational services, both on and offline are given an inherent amount of goodwill by potential customers just because education in and of itself is something that most people value. People care more care about the books they read, the contents they read and what their children read as well.
For these reasons and more, strong branding is essential for edtech companies, and their brand needs to be presented at its best in everything from the tone of the language used within its actual products, to its marketing efforts on all the mediums – Print to digital.

Communicating Educational Credibility with a Brand

Whether an edtech company wants to appear to be cutting edge and innovative, highly academic and credible, or simply fun for kids, the branding decisions made are absolutely critical to whether the target audience buys into that brand image. This can be applied to online universities, courses, companies that create educational content and even traditional colleges as well.

Brands Need to Put Innovation at the Forefront

Currently, with the rise of internet education, many edtech brands need to bring the innovation and uniqueness of the service they offer at the heart of their branding. The branding can be used for these types of businesses, which are aiming to attract both serious and hobbyist users via subscription models.

EdTech Startups, Build an authentic brand!

Own your own voice and tone for the brand. Think about the visual look and feel, think about the language to use. Uniqueness needs to be crafted. It cannot be taken from another place. People will always remember the different styles and use of icons. That honesty is more compelling and refreshing than anything else – Be authentic.


The attention to detail with Burgundy’s professional staff is incredible. The entire team has proven to be very innovative, creative and will work with ideas. Their approach was elegant and very interactive for an organization like ours. We are being a government organization, for the past years, we have used only one look & feel. But Burgundy broke the status quo beautifully and the Sri Lankan community embraced it with all pleasure. The design was interactive and educative which had a massive impact on bridging people and our organization very well.

Buddhika Jayatissa 


Sri Lanka Pensions

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