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Our detection, Life’s potential

To help Inovit to resonate with its audience, Burgundy created the novel story in their brand development and communication

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Inovit Pharma, is a pharmaceutical company that studies modern consumer needs, insights and proactively comes up with solutions. The use of modern technology for the detection of various diseases help Inovit to be unique. Inovit’s products are relevant and aligned with the modern consumer lifestyle. The requirement was to develop the brand identity and communication strategy.


We identified Inovit as a company that originated from Sri Lanka. It uses local capabilities in product manufacturing, expertise in the health care sector. Also, local-global networking capability makes Inovit unique. With that Burgundy could come up with its single-minded message “Our detection, life’s potential”. That has been explored throughout the brand development and communication as well.

The Inovit Pharma Logo represents the rich joy, smile, strength of human beings when they reach their potentials in each step-in life. It emphasizes how modern technology is being used to help people to be in the best condition of life. The hexagon represents the strength of the organization, green symbolizes eco-friendliness, freshness. The blue gives confidence and reliability. The central part of white space illustrates the expression of a man who achieved his potential by widening his hands. Also, it shows the ever-evolving state of mind and freshness through the products of Inovit Pharma.

The primary colours, called heritage colours, are Inovit Pharma green and blue. They represent Inovit Pharma at the highest level and should be present in all communications. 

The secondary palette is broken into four groups: neutrals, vibrant, brights and darks. Each is represented by a column in the grid below, with colours getting progressively darker in value from left to right. It is another way to create unique palettes within the larger Inovit Pharma’s colour palette. 

Typography when used thoughtfully, it becomes a powerful brand tool that can add visual meaning to what is communicated.

It’s sleek lines, neutral and modern look, Helvetica is used in many company logos and other marketing materials that we see today.  


With the novel and modern communication strategy, Inovit could reach its target audience enormously. Their business could pass the introductory level very soon as people embraced Inovit with love and recognition. And they could gain 20% in market share even if they are a newcomer to the market.


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