Adora Cosmetics Center

Uplifting the personality of Hemas Adora Cosmetics Center to a delicate “A New You – A Better You”.
Our idea was clear: Elegance is an outward and inward expression of everything about ourselves.

Young Enterprise Team Programme campaign image

Everyone love to be admired. Love to have a powerful personality. It is a blessing to enhance anyone’s self-confidence. Hemas Hospitals launched “Adora Cosmetics Centre” infused with with modern technology to help people achieve their true personality by most appealing natural look and optimal results.

Beauty isn’t about beauty, but something beyond.

Our philosophy

You can be a leader, a parent, an entrepreneur, or an activist. Running in the busy metropolis, confronting the world with determination, Adora understands that every individual’s powerful personality needs to grow gracefully.

A New You – A Better You

To keep your personality with the everlasting blaze.

Our challenge was to capture the essence of the brand as a cosmetics company with up-to-date technology that helps anyone to sustain the best personality. 


We commenced with a great consumer research. We asked people their barriers to step into a cosmetics center. the myths that had been around about cosmetics treatments and why people are scared of science & technology. With that we launched the campaign “A New You – A Better You”.

We used digital media as the main channel to get more closer to their precise target audience who needed personal attention.

A series of different contents had helped people to get familiar with Adora Cosmetics Center. Then the conversion began!


The communication was successful, Adora’s most struggling segments PRP treatments sold majorly.



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