Spice Island On-shelf Communication

Capturing the mystical secrets of Sri Lankan most treasured rituals that bring the luxurious feeling of personal care.

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Spice Island is a global personal care luxe brand with an authentic Sri Lankan base. It is inspired by the passion to introduce Sri Lanka’s ancestral healing techniques — the secret art of holistic wellness known as Hela Weda — Spice Island is a holistic approach to personal skin and hair care. Using Exotic Island ingredients, this native, exotic spiritual art of holistic healing restores balance to mind and body.
The brief was given to re-design the look & feel of the product portfolio of Spice Island to reflect the brand essence.

Our challenge was to capture the philosophy of the real beauty of a woman in a packaging that desires to approach modern-day personal care. Moreover, to capture the mystical secrets of Sri Lankan most treasured rituals that bring the luxurious feeling of personal care.

We commenced by simplifying the packaging by building on the inherent strength of the brand elements. We looked at the Spice Island trademark that represents the rich cultural and medicinal heritage of Sri Lanka. Further, it emphasizes the age-old secrets passed down from one generation to another, and the future holds great promise. The flower petals resemble the process of unfolding age-old traditional secrets, with a modern and contemporary outlook. It illustrates the beauty and bliss that is gained by the practices of natural life or it is a crystallization of an age-old tradition with a contemporary touch. Hence, we got inspired by a Sri Lankan traditional motif in medieval art, that reflects the essence of Spice Island.

‘Nāri-latā’ — The Symbol of Feminine

‘Nāri-latā’ with the meaning of ‘the woman’ is a renowned mythical ornamental flower design motif in traditional Ceylon art culture, resembles a woman of exquisite beauty and grace is said to have the power to distract even hermits. Spice Island, perfects the art of ancient healing for holistic well being to the enduring beauty of a modern woman.

Spice Island portfolio is now visually clean, unique and rich. With the changes, Spice Island has positioned itself as a unique luxurious product and the design improved communication with a discerning lady that is well travelled, educated, spiritual and an eco-warrior.

It could get the attention of celebrity makeup artists such as Tasha Reiko Brown, Shiyena, Michelle Saunders and beauty buys such as Nicole Cardi. This has reflected a revenue growth of 58% in the category.


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