Island of Ingenuity

Making Sri Lanka the world’s most sought-after technology services hub in the world by taking our innovative stories to the world.

Sri Lanka’s National export strategy for ICT / BPM Sector

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Island of Ingenuity is a collective of the knowledge services industry in Sri Lanka, whose ethos is to provide inventive solutions through proactive and flexible customer engagement. It is endorsed by the Sri Lanka Export Development Board, Sri Lanka Board of Investment, Sri Lanka Association of Software and Service Companies, Information & Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka, Federation of Information Technology of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Electronic Manufacturers and Exporters Association.

The ICT/BPM sector is 1 of 6 key industries under the ‘National Export Strategy (NES) – 2022’ initiative. NES aims to transform Sri Lanka into an export hub driven by innovation and investment with a goal of reaching export revenues of USD 28 billion by 2022 – from the current USD 10 billion. ICT/BPM Today – USD 1.2 billion in Exports 

We are chasing big goals – USD 5 billion in Exports, 200,000+ New Jobs and 1,000+ New Startups in Sri Lanka


Our Challenge was Making Sri Lanka the world’s most sought-after technology services hub in the world by taking our innovative stories to the world.
Sri Lanka is the technology hotbed in the region, the fast-growing ICT/BPM industry that thrives on innovation and technology development. With the aim of taking Sri Lankan innovative stories to the world, Burgundy was tasked with the challenge of creating creative, powerful narratives that would elevate Sri Lanka as the leading ICT/BPM services provider on the global platform.


We were inspired by the proactive, insightful and innovative nature of Sri Lankans which brought vibrancy to the industry with their innovative skills. With that Burgundy could bring an artistic approach to the Island of Ingenuity. We used Sans Serif typography to give contemporary expression.

The communication strategy we used was unique. We used the Burgundy metamorphosing strategy with the 03 steps – Augmenting, Impacting and Activating. We looked at user segmentation and online behaviour of the precise target audience created a research-driven web portal and developed a multi-channel advertising strategy for awareness and lead generation.

COMM Strategy

We used Google Display Network, Google Ads, social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter), International PR with CNA to take Sri Lankan ingenuity stories across the Nordic Region and South Asia – especially Singapore and as the methods of directing traffic to the portal. Stories of Ingenuity resonate with the industry’s target audience. We sourced ingenuity stories featuring recognizable names and augmented them with visual elements to make the campaign successful. We made native content to leverage reach in social media.

We worked on outbound missions – Supporting the companies taking part in outbound missions by building awareness of the brand in different regions and ran ambassador programs promoting Sri Lankan ingenuity stories around the world.


Starting from local industry insiders, and outsiders we could create massive awareness about the program. As a result, all the local technology companies started carrying the country brand along with their corporate branding. We could spread the word out about Sri Lankan innovative stories, across the regions that we targeted as a result many companies selected Sri Lanka to be their offshore destination and to have their extended technology teams in Sri Lanka.

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