How 5G will have an impact on brands?

Fifth Generation Technology in 2020

Industrial revolution 4.0 is in progress with innovation rolling out. Substantial improvements have begun to lifestyle and experiences with brands. The 5G technologies have begun to accelerate this quick revolution by challenging the brands in 2020.

While paying much attention to technology, innovation, the “human aspect” is one of the important areas to be looked at in this decade. Considering the human aspect is critical at this level as it has a massive impact on culture and general interactions with technology. We at Burgundy could observe a few trends. By focusing on the real, human effects and on behaviour change in the long term.

5G Vs Brands

In the beginning, mobile Internet was introduced by 3G cellular network technology. Afterwards, 4G could introduce audio and video streaming with mobile broadband. Additionally, IoT was introduced in the first place by 4G.

So, what’s next?
Of Course, it is 5G

5G is known for its faster download speed. But in this era, 5G will do much more than that. 5G will transform our lives in many ways with greater connectivity, amazing experiences and seamless interactions.

Therefore brands need to pay more attention and get familiarize with 5G.

Imagine a situation where you got into a vehicle and the front door opens, A/C switched on and everything workout for your voice command.

Isn’t this what we mean by greater connectivity and the best interaction? Besides, don’t you feel this is the exact way in which 5G will be making a greater impact?

With that, let’s look at a brand’s point of view. What could be consumer touchpoints in a situation as above? How would a consumer brand position itself in a consumer’s journey together with 5G?

Taking the advantage of the predictions, brands such as Volvo, Ford & Ferrari had taken different initiatives to face the changes yet to come with 5G.

In this scenario, brands need to provide a truly immersive experience to be memorable and impactful. Differentiation will become more significant in 5G vs possibilities. Another fact would be, brands will have to stay tuned with other brands that will be able to connect with consumers’ life.

The best example would be Alexa. When you order pizza, Alexa will choose Dominos or another. Therefore, brands being connected with other brands and developing sustainable relationships will be more important.

Are you prepared?

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