Burgundyfull Life — 2019

2019is the year that taught me success is not a coincidence. But we need to create it. We gave ourselves 100% permission to dream big & get inspired. We met a lot of aspiring, motivating personas, and I’m glad we are surrounded by those tremendous stories to keep us alive day and night to reach our goal.

Burgundy to build global brands!

In 2018 we started Burgundy as a strategic marketing partner. But this was the year we found what our brand — Burgundy mean to our target audience and what sort of the best contribution we can make as a brand management company. Look at countries such as Israel, Ethiopia, the Philippines who have done their innovation strategies perfectly, got them positioned as leaders in the global market, competing with the whole world and rising as bright nations. Yes! Sri Lanka needs a better strategic approach to conquer the global market.

Whoop!!! I’m happy to say, Burgundy is executing the National Export Strategy initiatives for the ICT / BPM sector to position Sri Lanka as the “Island of Ingenuity”.
We are helping Sri Lankan innovators, to find their global presence while taking Sri Lankan identity to the world.

Collaborations make us strong!!!

Another exciting thing was that we got the opportunity to collaborate with RedHill Asia: an award-winning, Global ranking #3 PR agency in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa to enhance brands for international markets.

Being an inspiration!

Burgundy had the opportunity to inspire a bunch of enthusiastic participants from the Africa Region, Western Hemisphere Region, South Asia Region by our hero’s journey that began with a small idea and full of Inspirations, Ups and downs, trial and errors, call to adventure, a refusal for the call by others, help, mentors, surviving at hard times, dealing with difficulties that made a positive impact on the society. So yes we could narrate, my “Burgundy-full life story” at “Global Social Enterprise Internship” at FPA Sri Lanka.

With these amazing moments, efforts, experiences Burgundy could come to the end of 2019 successfully because we believe that we have to keep walking through our own path, keep writing our own story, and trust that, somehow, it will all unfold in the right way.

Thank you, family — Burgundy, for the excellent teamwork, thoughtful and timely ideas to make this journey an interesting one. Thank you to all our clients, supporters for being with us. I’m glad Burgundy is growing like a little plant and we will grow like a giant to help our community to rise above!

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