We Challenge You To Learn

How we took a creative and interactive comic style to support children to make the learning fun, enjoyable and memorable.

Student/kids learning insights helped us to create very insightful, appealing or more personalized contents that made eXaper much popular among children.


Young Enterprise Team Programme campaign image


eXaper is an interactive application where students can practice exam papers and get answers instantly with explanations and elapsed time per question. The brief we received was to create a communication campaign to make kids aware of the eXaper platform.


Finding the best visual language that goes with the target audience was the first challenge we faced during the strategy building stage. Being interesting and creative in visuals is the main point to attract children to push to use the platform.


We commenced with research. Asking the type of things they like to see and share in social media, their insights / common things they do at school, tuition classes, the common words they use while talking to each other.  As a result, we created a special two characters, Nipuna and Brain to express their own insights relating to the eXaper platform.


Burgundy created a series of comics explaining to the kids the features of the platform and how they can use it. We used a contrasting colour scheme that catches the eyes of kids on social media.


The communication was successful, and 5000 kids got registered to practice past papers to get ready for ordinary level examinations. Furthermore, eXaper had the opportunity to get together with the National Education Project in Sri Lanka to educate and support all the children in Sri Lanka.

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