Spread the light through publication

Sabbe satta bhavanthu sukhi thaththa
Spread the light to heal the world.



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The requirement received from Malalasekera Foundation, to create a platform and a publication to spread goodness, the philosophy of Buddha, Buddhist culture and heritage across the world.



With the creative stance of Burgundy, we created the brand philosophy of ALOKA which means the “light”. We adapted a unique typography flavour that has the tranquillity, peacefulness and richness of Buddhism.


We have adopted a layout that gives peace to the reader’s eye. The serenity, tranquillity is maintained throughout the magazine, even with the photography, iconography and typography.

Go Minimal – Peace of Mind

Aloka being a Buddhist review, the challenge lies in making the design look as on-trend and aspirational as possible. A minimal design is a great blank canvas for ALOKA Buddhist review. The same, minimalistic approach was adopted at the website as well.


Burgundy created ALOKA International Buddhist Review, as the first online and printed publication intended to present Buddhist philosophy and culture to a modern Asian readership. ALOKA is becoming the leading independent journal of Buddhism in Asia, where it continues to be the most inclusive mode to learn buddha’s teaching.

Burgundy could increase the readership of ALOKA that includes longtime practitioners, who are curious about Buddhism and meditation, and those who do not identify as Buddhists but who practice Buddhist practises and value wisdom, compassion and peace that Buddhism has to offer.

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