EzBiz - The one app you need

Technology for Sri Lankan Small and Medium Enterprises

The one app you need to run your business

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ezBiz is an integrated suite of business applications delivered online to bring the benefits of cloud technology to small & medium-sized enterprises. This allows you to manage the business from anywhere, anytime; and simplify and streamline the entire business process. With the changing dynamics of all industries, the requirement was to educate the small and medium businesses on technology for business and get them to use ezBiz in their business.


There are many definitions for small and medium enterprises, start-ups and entrepreneurship in the community. Talking to every individual and start-up in a language that goes with them was our challenge. 


We enabled the strategic communication platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn) and then designed the disruptive communication pieces for ezBiz. We started featuring each module in ezBiz in a way that every start-up in Sri Lanka can understand.

We adapted a thematic monochromic look and feel along with an ezBiz blue to highlight the brand colour in all the communications.

We related all the pieces for the prevailing market conditions and how the businesses can look forward through the pandemic.

Along with all the digital communication channels, we have designed a playbook for startups, to help them to have a discipline in their business management with the technology.

The ezBiz website was one of the central pieces of the communication strategy. Our approach was unique. We gave a personalized experience depending on the nature, size and industry of the business. Most importantly, we make the website “THE ONE PLACE” where all the SMEs can log in and find the industry updates, information, potentials and learn new techniques for their business succession.


Our communications Well-off and effective. ezBiz could generate 90 clients within the very first month of brand communication. Inquiries came through islandwide – north to south, east to west. Our communications were easy and simple for all the start-ups / Small and medium enterprises to digest quickly. With that ezBiz resulted in a 70% sales growth after the communication commenced.


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