Emerald Ceylon Tea

Burgundy helped to tell the story of the legendary authenticity of Sri Lankan tea, associated with the brand Emerald Ceylon. To help the brand resonate with an international audience, Burgundy recreated Sri Lankan iconic symbols and the journey of tea making

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Emerald Ceylon tea is a Sri Lankan tea exporter distributing to the United Kingdom. Their unique collection of tea is a careful selection of the master taster who settles for nothing but the best. However, they could identify that the brand look and feel had a strong correlation with the market movement.


Challenge for Burgundy was to come up with a creative identity design that reflects the ancient Sri Lankaness and also British design style.


We initiated by exploring the product. It was exciting to find how they create innovative blends for amusement. The tea leaves, flowers, tea pluckers, tea making process, the ancient story of Ceylon tea and Sri Lankan cultural symbols blended for the creative concept of Emerald Ceylon Tea.
We initiated adding royalty to the identity. Using the traditional art form of the lion, entwined with the tea leaves and flower along with the golden crown studded with an emerald jewel gives the look and feel of Sri Lankan royalty. The art style and form keeps the traditional feeling to further reinstate the tagline “Legendary Authenticity”. The centre of the emblem shows the process of creating tea.

Serif typography was selected to establish the customary mood of the brand.

Results – 

Emerald Ceylon Tea is now visually rich, unique and expressive. With the new changes, they could change the perception of the brand among the shoppers by being more aspirational to life perfectly. It could build a bridge between the tradition-good habits and representative of precious Ceylon tea.


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