Berry Go Round

We took the chance to conceptualize the most premium Sri Lankan Berry brand. Our mission was clear: to establish the iconic status of Sri Lankan berries and tell the story to the world.

Spreading goodness – freshness – eminence – yumminess.

Sri Lankan berries going around the world. 

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The challenge

Elpitiya Plantations PLC (Managed by Aitken Spence Group) is one of Sri Lanka’s leading producers of the most exquisite high-quality premium Agri products (Tea, Cinnamon, Berries). Berries are the newest product category that they got in their portfolio. We took on conceptualizing their Berry brand building, encompassing the entire product range – Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry and Blueberry.

Our goal: to help AitkenSpence Plantations, creating a memorable and iconic brand to make it a standout on-shelf and in communication platforms.



Establishing iconic assets

Since ancient times, Sri Lanka / Ceylon had a great history for agricultural products. Ceylon has the best Cinnamon in the world and Sri Lankan Tea could take Sri Lankan identity to the world. Reclaiming the goodness of Sri Lankan products, we conceptualized the brand as “BERRY-GO-ROUND” with the philosophy of Spreading goodness, freshness, eminence and yumminess around the world. 

Brand Design

We started by making the brand look more fun, colourful, cheerful and unique. We carefully used the typography to express the entertaining aspect of the products. with that, the brand remains playful and fun. The eye-catching new colour palette takes inspiration from fresh, natural berries such as vibrant red strawberries, and neon blue blueberries. The portfolio is now visually brighter, with a wider.

We also wanted to highlight the most valuable assets: the goodness of Sri Lankan grown berries. We did this by making the packaging plain, colourful and solid.

Most importantly, the simpler, more transparent design improved communication with shoppers.

“I was introduced to ‘Burgundy’ through Business Network International, where I was representing Elpitiya Plantations PLC. We have worked with Nayomi and the Burgundy team on a few projects which involved creativity and we are very happy with the concepts brought forward by the Burgundy team.”

Dharsha PathiranaDGM Marketing, Elpitiya Plantations PLC.

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