Spice Island Online Store

An online store that reflects the unique Ceylon ancient healing techniques through an immersive experience.

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Spice Island is a global luxe brand made in Sri Lanka. The products use authentic ancient Ceylon herbs, ayurvedic healing techniques to nourish the mind, body and senses. The Spice Island consumers used to buy the products off the shelf. But with the changing consumer behaviour, the requirement is diverse to enable them to purchase the products online.

The main goal was to educate them about products, ingredients, processes and values via the online store. Look, learn and order
The website expected to embody its plan of action. That includes client administration, sensible valuing and keeping it in the domestic market-global, and empower clients to finish the three fundamental errands: look, learn and order using an online platform while eliminating challenges with the original website.
She is an eco-warrior! The Spice Island customer is a discerning woman, that is well travelled, educated, spiritual and an eco-warrior. She seeks to build a perfect balance in her life through rewarding physical activities, and an enlightened sense of mental awareness. She is one with nature and driven by an active social conscience.

Our solution included adheres to the latest industry best practices and standards, usage of market-leading technologies for all aspects of the solution, the built-in capability to extract insights and consumer behaviour, mobile-centric user interface which expands smoothly to other devices, guaranteed 99.99% availability and seamless scalability to accommodate traffic fluctuations.

We adopted the best look & feel to show the freshness and the quality of the ingredients and illustrate the Sri Lankan ancient history of “Hela Weda” Ayurveda through visual identity. The typography is selected very carefully to emphasize the feminine quality of the product. An earth colour palette is used to symbolize the heritage, Asian, herbal and Ceylon look & Feel.

Finally, all mechanisms were integrated for the successful smooth function of the Spice Island online store.

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