Face Recognition – for a safer and better world
Because, humans are unpredictable – incomparable!

Young Enterprise Team Programme campaign image

Ayonix International is the leading global facial recognition Technology provider, established in Japan in 2007. The patented product was developed by the Ayonix R & D team, and the unique feature of the product enables it to search 6 million faces in 100 milliseconds.

These advanced features make it an ideal choice for law enforcement and other security applications, as well as being a popular choice for a range of industries from customer services to entertainment and banking. This could also be used as a tool to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts and campaigns. 

Leading Companies such as Nippon Broadcasting, Sanyo, Sony, Sharp and Panasonic are fully integrated with Ayonix.

Burgundy initiated with examining the product – AYONIX. With that, we could create a communication campaign for AYONIX International with the brand film with the concept “Humans, Unpredictable – Incomparable, Ayonix for a safer and a better world”. Where we exhibited the product on every possible occasion and for what purposes it can be used.


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