SyscoLabs Sri Lanka

SyscoLabs Ves – The perfect blend of “modern & tradition”

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To take guests on a journey of modern and traditional fusion of Sri Lankan performance art, and to celebrate the SyscoLabs day.

Working with the world’s most latest technologies, SyscoLabs can be considered as one of the most modern and futuristic organizations in the technology industry. Portraying their brand essence in a modern and traditional fusion was the challenge for Burgundy. 

We focus on making the brand thoughtful, memorable, and real. The year’s concept was “SyscoLabs Ves” – where we got inspired by Sri Lankan Southern cultural performance arts.

This Sri Lankan dance is performed to bless the team, stakeholders for a healthier longer better life. Sri Lankan southern cultural dances symbolize good luck, prosperity and harmony for every human being. We adapted the same blissful concept for SyscoLabs day.

We used red, yellow, orange, white and black as our main colour palette, as those colours give much vibrancy, energy and happiness to the atmosphere. We used dynamic, curvy lines and shapes to highlight the liveliness of the concept and add glamour.

Upon arrival at the venue, guests were greeted by an oversized thematic backdrop. An ideal photo opportunity we enhanced with novel prop designs of masks, and other elements. The selected costume for the event was Sri Lankan traditional batik but in a style of modern fashion for both men and women.

The opening cocktails were specially designed with new names, such as Mayura Raksha, Gini Raksha etc.

Walking through to the event, the lighting plan reflected the story of the modern traditional fusion of art performance. The venue was decorated with gigantic masks to give a custom look and feel.

Sri Lankan rock music artist, Chitral Somapala performed the opening act and followed by an amazing opera by Stephani Siriwardena. With those two modernized performances, the event was balanced.

Burgundy team worked in close collaboration with SyscoLabs to ensure each element was executed meticulously and to the high standards of the SyscoLabs brand.

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