How Brands can get arranged in the time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented phenomenon for us all. Its ultimate impact will have on the community, business or us. This is certainly an alarming moment for all the leaders in brand management. What we can do to attrition on brand values? How brands can respond to their target audiences and help them to come back to normal lives?

As per our learning’s at Burgundy during our journey, there are few things that we as people in brands can be ready.

Build your community

Think about the entire global community. Brands need to be represented in many communities. Brands need to share values, emotions, core with the global community. Therefore, re-look at different audiences that we can cater to. Start connecting them via appropriate and precise channels or mediums.

Be prepared to change

A crisis is always an eye-opener for everyone. We are unable to foresee the final results. This doesn’t have to because of fear. If you are completely into offline communications, it’s time to think of online. If your clients are not used to technology, then it’s time to suggest new methods, strategies and plans to get used to technology. A crisis will disrupt things and construct new things. There can be changes in high performing industries. Therefore it is time to be prepared to look into new industries, new market entrances.

Practice the possible

What has impressed me the past two weeks of a lock-down situation, collaboration with clients, partners? The focus of the discussions was on what else we can do.
What are the new topics we can bring into place? What technologies can we use to shift a work session to virtual? We saw how Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meetings, Clockify, Trello becoming the virtual work-from-home tools.

In times of prosperity, it is easy to forget all the difficult times. But what we need to understand is, being prepared for the crisis will always make you stronger and ready. Our ability to adapt, problem-solve and respond to unexpected challenges is central to our survival and success.

COVID-19 will be no different. Brands and businesses need to rise back. The economies need to be re-built. We believe with the correct mix of creativity and intelligence, we will be able to help the re-construction of the world.

Be prepared to stay ahead!

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